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Come tour the Dark Knight and see our night vision in action. Take a free look at 3rd generation night vision during a moonlit night, complete darkness or anywhere in between. You’ll also see IR illumination and how it benefits you in complete darkness. The dark night is coated with over a thousand dollars of the blackest paint known to man. It absorbs 99% of ambient light making it possible for us to simulate any nighttime lighting environment. Try before you buy!

NOTE: This is not appropriate for anyone that has a fear of complete darkness.

Featured Products

2022 Beat Amazon Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Chad B. for winning the Fenix HM61R 1200 Lumens, 400 hour runtime flashlight in our 2022 Beat Amazon Giveaway!

June Armor Shoot

IIIA Shot with 9mm +P+

We put two rounds in the armor. They were both stopped. I expect that it could have handled a few more rounds but we are displaying it in our store so we didn’t want to destroy it completely. 

Level IV Armor Shot with 556 Green Tip and 30-06

 This VISM Level IV armor stopped the green tip 556 rounds without much deformation. By the time we remembered that we had wanted to shoot a 30-06 round at it we had already removed our ballistics jell dummy so the armor was up against the wood that had been supporting the dummy. The deformation from the 30-06 destroyed the board. The round didn’t pernitrate by you can see that allot of debris came out at the top. 

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