AR500 Trauma Pad – 11″x14″


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Trauma pads from Armored Republic are designed to be worn in conjunction with and behind your body armor to reduce the amount of energy transfer to your body, reducing felt energy through your armor and mitigating backface deformation. Trauma pads offer no increase in ballistic protection

When a bullet strikes body armor, the energy from the impact is transferred to the armor. What happens to the armor depends on the type and material. Soft armor flexes and “catches” the bullet, whereas hard armor can either shatter the bullet (steel alloy), dissipate the force by breaking apart (ceramic), or capture the bullet by melting around it (polyethylene).

All Armored Republic in standalone configurations perform very well in tests against back face deformation (BFD) and energy transfer and are designed with BFD in mind.

Helps dissipate energy transfer

Each trauma pad is specially engineered to mitigate blunt force trauma in case your armor takes a round and reduces the amount of back face deformation that could occur, which can mitigate the risk of injury after impact.

Designed to be worn in conjunction with and behind your body armor, our Trauma Pads reduce the amount of energy transferred to your body, reducing felt energy through your armor.

Compatible with body armor from AR500 Armor of Armored Republic and most other armor systems and plate carriers.

Trauma pads are non-ballistic and offer no increase in ballistic protection.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are trauma pads bulletproof? No, Trauma pads are non-ballistic non-newtonian type pads. Their primary function is to dampen the amount of force and pressure pinpointed by a ballistic threat being stopped by an armored plate or panel. The energy measured by this force is called Backface Deformation, or BFD.
  • Can soft armor be used as a trauma pad? This is tricky. Using soft armor behind a hard rifle plate to reduce BFD trauma is possible, but the amount of trauma reduced is often minimal. Trauma pads work far better than soft armor at mitigating backface deformation forces.
  • Are trauma pads worth it? Yes, there is almost no situation where getting shot with any combination of armor plate and ballistic threat will not be mitigated better by the usage of a trauma pad. Although trauma pads are not necessary if your budget is restrained, we encourage revisiting their need at a later time. Likewise, some plate carriers do not have plate pocket padding and trauma pads can see double usage by adding a layer of comfort for donning/doffing along with everyday usage.